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VFOX Rod Tip Cover RC-778
Rod Tip / Top Guide Protection Cover
VFOX VRB-407 Spool Belt

To keep your line and fishing reel spool ring protected


VFOX VRB-107 Rod Belt

VFOX Rod Belts are designed with soft padding for ultimate protection

VFOX VRB-303 Multifunction Rod Belt

Military green color rod belt. Made of neoprene, extra soft for ultimate protection to your precious rod.

VFOX VC-3122 Should Belt Set

Hold a bundle of rods with sling strap, convenient for carrying.


VFOX VRC-102 Reel Bag

New design with camouflage color. Suitable for round baitcasting reel



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WEFOX Brand by Brilliant Tackle Malaysia
WEFOX Brand by Brilliant Tackle Malaysia
WEFOX Brilliant Tackle Malaysia
VFOX Brand by Brilliant Tackle Malaysia
TKR Brilliant Tackle Malaysia
BOCEAN Brand by Brilliant Tackle Malaysia


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